VMware ESX: third party updates for Service Console

Users of VMware please be advised of an ESX third party updates for Service Console vulnerability that has been identified.
To view this vulnerability, possible remedies, and others please check out the Security Advisories at Critical Watch (http://criticalwatch.com/support/security-advisories.aspx)

VMSA-2010-0015: VMware ESX third party updates for Service Console
Problem Description

a. Service Console update for NSS_db

The service console package NSS_db is updated to version


b. Service Console update for OpenLDAP

The service console package OpenLDAP updated to version


c. Service Console update for cURL

The service console packages for cURL updated to version


d. Service Console update for sudo

The service console package sudo updated to version 1.7.2p1-7.el5_5.

e. Service Console update for OpenSSL, GnuTLS, NSS and NSPR
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