Camtron CMNC-200 IP Camera: Multiple Vulnerabilities

Users of Camtron CMNC-200 IP Camera please be advised of Multiple Vulnerabilities that has been identified.
To view this vulnerability, possible remedies, and others please check out the Security Advisories at Critical Watch (

TWSL2010-006: [TWSL2010-006] Multiple Vulnerabilities in Camtron CMNC-200 IP Camera
Products: Camtron CMNC-200 Full HD IP Camera, TecVoz CMNC-200
Megapixel IP Camera, and other Camtron CMNC-200 based OEM products

Version(s) affected: Enc: V1.102A-008 / Board ID 66
Camtron CMNC-200 Full HD is a line of professional IP cameras for
corporate environments. The most notable features are full HD support
(1920 x 1080), dual streaming, 10x optical zoom, SD card input, input

and output alarm sensor, and integration with different DVR solutions.
Buffer Overflow in ActiveX Control

CVE: CVE-2010-4230

The CMNC-200 IP Camera ActiveX control identified by
CLSID {DD01C8CA-5DA0-4B01-9603-B7194E561D32} is vulnerable
to a stack overflow on the first argument of the connect method.
The vulnerability can be used to set the EIP register,

allowing a reliable exploitation.